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Greetings from the Now

So…hello again. I guess I forgot that I had a blog. Whoopsie. Sorry to keep you waiting. If there is anyone waiting. Surprise!

It is now 2021. Life is weird. I am trying to find my way….. not back to normalcy, but forward to whatever and whoever I am now. We are all changed. That is about the shape of things.

Lately I have been thinking about generational issues. The comedy is in there somewhere. There is so much talk about Boomers and Millennials, the odd “these kids today” talk about Generation Z. It feels divisive, and whiny, and I feel a bit left out. Hello Generation X, the most interesting of the lot, remember us? No of course you don’t. Whatever.

My small generation is wedged between the two larger, therefore more important generations, which has assigned Gen X’ers the unfortunate task of being a bridge between the two. This new reality definitely bites. It leaves me feeling flat, and tired, or maybe that is just middle age. I am not sure. But I sigh more than I used to.

There is a lot of serious, heavy things going on and it has left my creative drive on the side of the road wondering if I even remember how to roll. I think I am not alone in that. Regardless of your generation, we all have burdens we didn't have before. We know better and must do better. I'm looking at you ( gestures vaguely to myself) You can do this....even when you think you can't.


This may be the part where I am supposed offer advice or try to sell you something? I am not sure how to sell anything anymore including advice. So I will leave you with this ponderance……I would like to sell out very much. I am very bad at this.

Till next time.

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